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When hiring a specialty performer for your event…
1. Book early – If you have a specific performer in mind, don’t wait. Get it on the calendar before the spot is taken.
2. Expect a contract or some type of written agreement. Most professionals use them because they clarify expectations.
3. Expect to pay a deposit. If you cancel the event, in many cases, you lose your deposit,( just like booking a banquet hall), because the performer has reserved the date for you and may be turning away business.
4. Expect to pay the performer upon arrival. He’s there ready to perform, don’t make him wonder when he’ll get paid.
5. Tell your guests. Don’t try to make it a surprise. Informing your guests ahead of time will build expectations and may result in a better turnout. Use your faceBook page and whatever other means you have to keep everyone updated about the performer.
6. Consider reserving a special parking spot for the performer, who may have equipment to carry in.
7. At the end of the event, if the performer has done a good job, post a nice comment on his faceBook page.

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